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see the wind tickle the trees and hear them laugh

watch them jiggle with joy

lay down on your back and glide your hands above the dewy green grass,

caress cold soil between your finger tips

one day you will rest below

but not today

for now, look at those clouds showing off, changing shapes

a bear, a car, a smoking elephant

Watch them as they crash and fall

Have you seen a mountain more majestic?

breathe in all that beauty, but

to bear witness to so many miracles at once

might be overwhelming

Bread rising

Fish multiplying

who needs a pastor to resurrect a man to believe?

a cell dividing into two and again and again and again and now, here you are

Your self? is that not a miracle?

see that lady walk with her plastic bags

pregnant with groceries,

smile at her, tell her, her headwrap looks beautiful

her load will feel lighter that way

is that not a miracle?

If you open your eyes

you'll see

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