• Thandi Sebe

Cape Town Stories 7

You know those sweet old retired grandpas you see leisurely wandering the streets of Cape Town? With friendly toothless smiles until you smile back and their smile turns into a lip smacking, tongue twisting cunnilingus imitation and then you realise their hair is not fucking grey from wisdom but just lack of pigmentation. And their souls are not pure and friendly but old and horny. Sies! Really now, Cape Town men take street harassment to another level. Risking their own lives to throw a „hey sexy girl“ and a licking of lips at you over their shoulder while they almost drive their bike into the car in front of them. Stop sexual harassment and arrive alive!

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A couple of years ago I wrote a theatre play while I was living in Berlin. It was in this time that I came into the habit of going for a run whenever my mind found itself in knots over the right words