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Scattered but Never Lost

Her seed has scattered across the world and blossomed across valleys

across countries

across continents

from Johannesburg to Berlin

children and grandchildren

the round of their faces

the eyes and thickness of their lashes

can be traced back to her face

scattered but never lost


her love flows through our blood

in oceans

her prayers ring in our ears

her affection can be seen in these tears that fall to the ground

as the sand hits the wood

she disappears

Vha tshimbile zwavhudi

no longer to walk through the yard of her village but her footprints they remain

look closely at the ground and see them leading to the papaya tree

planted with patience and sacrifice

it is bearing fruit

her labour of love is bearing fruit

her legacy -

a parting gift she gave to us

Vha tshimbile zwavhudi

Vha Tshimbile Zwavhudi

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