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Cape Town Stories 26

I went to Slow Cooked Sundays the other day, a really great event that happens every other week, known for its dope music, great vibe, a braai downstairs and above all: beautiful people. I mean, the people that congregate here honestly come dressed for the gods, they are stylish and gorgeous and they come here to have fun. So anyways, I was feeling great, we had just been blessed with a set of banging tunes and then, surprisingly, we were taken to church with some hymns. Joburg and Pretoria were still in town, so people were viiiiibing and singing and dancing to these hymns like they were made not for church but the clurrb. Then I went to the toilet downstairs wearing my tiny little skirt (relevant information for what follows) and as I was washing my hands in the sink, two girls entered behind me noisily, shouting words of appreciation and compliments at me „Guuuuurrrl, I love your legs!“ „Yasss Queen, work it, those legs, daaaaaamn girl“ – and with those words of praise they disappeared into the bathroom stalls. Just behind them another woman entered the bathroom, assessed the situation and then responded, equally enthusiastically in my direction: „Guurrrl, are they talking about your legs?! Guuurrrlll, they are lying!“. And she didn’t just say „lying“, she said „Ly-ing“, like you know how you can say something and divide it into its syllables and it will mean the same thing but like…stronger? So basically: „They are LY-ING guuurrrll, I wish they were telling the truth but: hah! Girls lie too, you know! Your legs!? Hah! No!“ and with that she disappeared into a bathroom stall leaving me to stand there, shook. Or should I say: SHOOK-ETH. And that for you is Cape Town – City of Contrasts. 😀

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