• Thandi Sebe

Cape Town Stories 15

Coming from a casting in town I decided to take the scenic route through the Company’s Gardens, a place I had loved coming to as a child: here we would buy peanuts in little plastic packets to feed the squirrels – the aim was to get them to eat out of our hands. Honestly today the thought of that repulses me, I find it hard to differentiate between a rat and a squirrel, really the only difference is the tail, is it not? But at the time it was too much fun coming to this place with its amazing lush trees, their old, thick trunks ideal for a game of hide and seek. Today a man played not hide and seek but peek a boo next to one of those trees as I walked passed. I saw him put his hand in his pants and take out his penis, and as I quickened my pace he said something generic like „Hey sexy girl!“ and then promptly began to pee. For a second I was relieved, but disgust quickly returned. I told him: „sies, don’t do that“ to which he replied, still peeing „I’m not watching you“. Uhm, how are you saying that while you are looking straight into my eyeballs? I am incredulous and kind of shocked at myself for still talking to him, all the while still rushing away: „No, but don’t say something like that to me while you are peeing!“ to which his literal response was a confused yet firm: „WHY?“. The type of why that does not actually mean „why?“, but rather „why not?“. I guess sometimes you just wanna whip out your penis and pee against a tree AND tell a girl you like her at the same time! Why not? I guess it’s a beautiful day in Cape Town if you just concentrate on the sound of the birds chirping as you run away.

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