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Mzansi Madness 

A South African video blog with honest discussions around various topics, challenging old discourses and the status quo and potentially, hopefully creating new narratives surrounding some things that we have somehow grown to just accept as "normal". The show talks about things like our relationship to alcohol (Did South Africans invent day-drinking?), the way we raise our children (to beat or not to beat?), violence (#AmInext?), the way we lead relationships (if everyone cheats, maybe we should just have polyamorous relationships?), our relationship with food (men, saying "I need to to eat meat because ndiyindoda!" does not make you appear strong, it makes you seem weak as fuck, like come on, do you just fall apart if you don't eat a steak everyday??). These are some of the questions the show deals with. So, if you want to have fun listening to some insightful dialogues that might reveal some shocking truths, come and 'Listen Properly' to Mzansi Madness!

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